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Knightly Show #28 | Origami Tutorials, Game Reviews, and more!

In this weeks installment of the Knighlty Show, we have a Humans of FHN made by Freya Rieken showing Sharad Swaney’s passion for guitar. Devon Alexander and Marina Williams ask athletes their opinions on the changes in the fall sports. Allison Bass teaches us how to make a super cool origami box. The changes in homecoming due to covid are explained in the video made by Aiden Neu. Max Rameriz reviews a exciting game called Lethal League. And finally, Rachel Trapf and Emily Gantz discuss a true crime story on cult leader Charles Manson. This video is also includes our regular cast announcers Kyle Button and Parker Smith

Parker Smith
Kyle Button

Madelyn Clark
Rhea Patel

Madelyn Clark

Humans Of Fhn:
Freya Rieken

Sports Man on the Street:
Devon Alexander
Marina Williams

Origami Tutorial:
Allison Bass

Covid’s Effect on Hoco:
Aiden Neu

Game Review:
Max Ramirez

Crime Kooks:
Emily Gantz
Rachel Trapf

Aaron Manfull

FHN Video Staff