A Meeting in French Club


By Olivia Van Horn

The first French Club meeting of this year was on Sept. 9 in French teacher Jennifer Liberson’s classroom. This year French club is going to offer tutoring, all French speaking meetings, plus other special events like outdoor picnics. French club goes deeper into the food culture of France than you would get to learn about in a normal French class. 

“It seemed like a friendly environment,” freshman SaVanna Daniels said. “People were making jokes and everybody seemed comfortable.”

The club is more focused on the food culture and community building aspect rather than just learning French as a language. The French club is a good place to meet people that have some of the same interests as you.

“This year we have all new leadership and we’re just getting started with it so it’s all new to a lot of people but usually once people get in it’s very family-like,” Liberson said 

The president of the club is sophomore Nigel Bailey and the vice president is junior Maria Aguirre. Their job as the leaders of the club is to plan and run what happens at meetings. 

“[At the first meeting] we introduced ourselves because we don’t know each other yet, then we had some doughnuts and just talked about some things that might happen in the future in French club,” Daniels said

French club is open to anyone, you do not have to be enrolled in a French class at North. The only thing students need to join the club is a passion to learn about French culture. The meetings are usually held once a month in room 228 on the top floor of FHN. It is a good way to dive into French culture.

“I think it’s a good place for people to feel welcome and that we can expand on learning the more fun aspects of another country,” Liberson said.