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New Tennis Coach Shawn Farrar Begins His First Year at North


By Alise Simon

Change, setting up in a new classroom and adjusting to a new curriculum, getting into a routine of practice is what science teacher Shawn Farrar is currently doing as the new head coach for the girls tennis team for the 2021-22 school year. From being involved in sports himself, Farrar wanted to get right back into coaching once starting  the job here at North. 

“I’ve been coaching sports since I was about 15, so probably about 12 years of experience coaching sports in general,” Farrar said. “I’ve coached swimming, and I played tennis quite a bit.”

At North, Farrar teaches chemistry and physical science courses, which played a factor for him becoming the new tennis coach since he knew fellow science teacher and former tennis coach Samantha Soltysiak. Farrar talked with Soltysiak and she mentioned the postition for him to cover for her this season. For this being Farrar’s first year in coaching, he coordinates for the team while the assistant coach does more of the exercise based things. 

“I just want to do what I can to help the girls reach their full potential,” Farrar said.

For practices, Farrar has his assistant coach, coach Jean Varker run the practices while he does lots of the logistics and helps out in random spots where it is needed. From the new and fast paced change, Senior Natalie Stevens, a player on the team, notices the commitment Farrar is putting into the program. 

“Coach Farrar is very patient with us, and also the fact that he puts so much effort into it even though he just stepped up and still tries his hardest,” Stevens said. 

Jumping in ready and willingness to give encouragement and help players even to the small details is looked highly upon. 

From planning and talking with the assistant coach, Farrar created a system that works best for him and his team, that will better him in the near years to come with coaching tennis.

“Overall they are a lot of fun to work with ” Farrar said, “ There is a solid group of a small group but they make an impact and are involved with each other”