Junior Austin Bitter Continues on to His Third Year as a Varsity Goalie


Credit to Pavan Kolluru

Senior Austin Bitter Kicks the Soccer Ball from the Goal Box

By Tony Biondo

Junior Austin Bitter is the varsity goalie for the Francis Howell North Knights in tandem with fellow junior Jack Stover. In his third year of playing varsity soccer, Bitter found himself in the starting squad for the knights.Though it’s not his first year playing varsity soccer for FHN, he still loves the game. 

“It never gets olds, when the coach lets you know that you’ll be playing on varsity again, you still always get that relief and spurt of excitement,” Bitter said.

Bitter has been playing soccer for 12 years and has been playing goalie for eight years. Bitter loves the excitement and challenge that being a goalie brings on. 

Being the goalie on the team puts you as the last line of defence, you are the last hope to keep that ball out of the back of your net. Though there can be lots of pressure in the position, Bitter likes the different aspects of the position.

“It’s commanding the team, you are quite literally a general on the field,” Bitter said. “You are the leader of the team and I like that role. I have to make sure that everyone is in the right position and that they are doing what they’re supposed to do.”

Although Bitter has seen great success in goal for the varsity Knights, he says that most of his success and confidence comes from his teammate and goalie partner, Stover. Stover has also been playing goalie his entire high school career.

“Jack is one of the best teammates I’ve ever played with,” Bitter said. “I can give a lot of credit to him, he always gives me advice and second opinions when I need it.”

FHN varsity soccer coach and science teacher Larry Scheller has been coaching Austin for three years and spoke very highly of him. Scheller stated that Austin’s talent and personality have grown considerably in the last three years and that he hopes more students will take after Austin’s work ethic and good leadership.

“Austin is a great kid and an even better person,” Scheller said. “He is smart and a great role model for younger players in the program.”