Four Sophomores Play for Both JV and Varstiy Volleyball


Credit to Addison Polsgrove

The FHN Volleyball team celebrates during the game.

By Alyssa Seville

From JV to varsity. Back to back. No time for a break. Game to warmups to game. But for the four of them it’s all they have ever wanted.

“I really like the competitive level playing on varsity but I also like being the leader on JV,” sophomore Sara Ausbury said. “I think we have really good energy and competitiveness on both teams.”

Sophomores Addison Polsgrove, Jennifer Schelfault, Megan Steuterann and Ausbury play on the JV team and pull up for varsity. On JV, they are the leaders. They are the only ones who have been on JV for two years now. On varsity, they are playing with and learning from the team as much as possible, in hopes that next year they will be in their positions.

“They’re definitely excited for us because there are a lot of seniors this year so I think it’s exciting for them to see the freshmen from last year who have grown from their last club season to now be on varsity and now be doing bigger things,” Steutermann said.