Junior Nico Schuchman Becomes Captain of the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Team


Credit to Andrew Poertner

By Alex Wheadon

Junior Nico Schuchman hasn’t been playing Super Smash Brothers Ultimate competitively for long, only starting this year. Yet, this year he is the captain of the team. 

“Everyone was very confused on what to do and how to set up everything,” Schuchman said. “I kind of took charge and got everyone’s games done, and I guess Mrs. Bevill was surprised about my leadership and how I get everything done in time.” 

Shuchman is really good at Smash. However, he is an even better captain since he takes initiative and helps everyone get what needs to be done.

“I think Nico has some pretty decent skills as a player, but I think a lot more of his skill comes from his ability to be the team captain while still being able to lead the team, ” Coach Kaleb Kruze said. “I would argue that he’s stronger in that than he is at playing the game because he takes a lot of initiative and tries to get things done while figuring out what’s best for the team.”