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Sophomore Jonathan Davis Played on the Boys Volleyball Team in the 2020-21 School Year


Credit to Kyle Button

Sophomore Jonathan Davis sets a volleyball to the other team during the game.

An end to a volleyball game like no other, except for one specific member of the Francis Howell North Volleyball C-Team, as he scored the winning point to end the demanding game last season. His teammates, coach and the crowd were buzzing with excitement for the win as he was celebrating with them. All of the hard work, showing up to every practice and game paid off for Jonathan Davis as he was the one who obtained the win for the team. 

“He scored the winning point and it was cool because they needed them to rely on everyone at that point and he did a great job.” Lisa Pentecost said

Davis and the team couldn’t win every game but their spirits never faltered. When the team did win it gave them a sense of pride. 

“He was really just one of the guys, he fit in exactly like everyone else,” math teacher and volleyball coach Kent Stover said. “He didn’t like losing, but accepted it because that’s part of the game but loved winning, especially when he got to play a lot. He liked that a lot, because he really didn’t care as long as he was on the court he got to play and he was having fun, that’s sort of what boys volleyball is all about.”

Davis was on the C-Team for volleyball as a freshman in the 2020-21 school year. According to Davis, the most memorable thing about the team last year were the people. It felt like a family to him. Some of the nicest on the team were current sophomores Walter Hammond and Aydin Dody. Davis would consider himself a sports person, he favors football, baseball and volleyball. His favorite class is currently physical education and he has had an interest in sports and cars for quite some time now. When he graduates from high school, Davis said he’d even like to work on cars.

Davis has a competitive spirit and loved winning games last year and like anyone who has a competitive spirit he wanted as much game time as possible. Davis has a high amount of energy which helps him on the court. 

“My first impression was he’s got a lot of energy and  a great sense of humor,” special education teacher Pentecost said. “We have a student who is very very quiet and shy and he was around and played with Jonathan, that he won’t do with anybody else. So, Jonathan can really bring that out in people.”

Davis has made a great impression on many people at North, both Stover and Pentecost remarked that he has a great sense of humor. In addition, they say Davis has great sportsmanship, likes to make other people laugh and is very caring.  Davis is happily waiting for volleyball this spring and is very excited to be on the team. 

“He is just a cool guy,” Pentecost said, “He tries to overcome a lot, but he’s just so strong and speedy. Volleyball was a great outlet for him.”