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The New Francis Howell North Building is Set to Open in Fall of 2024


By Morgan Phillips

FHN is set to get a new school in the fall of 2024, but some people don’t know what to truly expect from all this. Francis Howell North High School originally opened in 1986 as Henderson Middle School. The school has had some renovations here and there, including a new science wing. With the building of the new school, many people have questions and opinions regarding the build.

 “The people that are working here will pack up and move over there,” Head principal Dr. Lucas Lammers said. “Now every year you have some new faculty. You know you’ll have some people retire or people who take different jobs or people who move. Just like every year you have some new teachers, some new counselors, new people working in the building, but that doesn’t require a new set of teachers. 

 There are many new and improved features being built into the school. There will be more collaborative work space. The school will also include bigger classrooms and a more organized structure to it.

“The thing I’m most excited about is there’s a better effort for there to be a better collaborative work space outside of just the learning commons,” Lammers said. “At our current building if you’re working with a group on something outside of the classroom there’s not a lot of places to go and there has been a deliberate effort to include more things like that in the building.” 

Many students in our community are very exited about FHN new building. Since the building is set to open in 2024, the current junior and senior class will not be able to see the new building. The current sophomore class will be the first to attend school in the new building.

“I happy there is a new school being built and replacing the old one,” junior Kaitlyn Le said. “But, I’m sad that I will not be able to go to the new school, since I am graduating while it’s still being built.”