Hand-Written Notes are the More Efficient Way to Take Notes [Opinion]


Credit to Amoolya Pandurangi

Junior Bailey Scarborough takes down her note on paper in her classroom.

By Chloe Ellison

Taking notes dominates most of the average student’s school day. A student can take notes anywhere from every day to only once a week. Most students will either take their notes in a notebook or on a computer, but there’s a debate on which way is better. While there may be benefits to both, notebooks will always be the better option. Seriously, notebooks, notes, it’s in the name.

When writing information down, the words and information are being processed in the brain. This ends up resulting in a better recall of the material that is only available with a notebook. It is proven that when writing down notes, you recall the information better as well as perform better on tests. Being able to take out a notebook to look at notes whenever, is a big benefit to taking notes, as long as you have the notebook then you can study.

Now, taking notes on a computer may be faster and easier than writing said notes down, but it’s very difficult to not get distracted taking notes on a computer when you have the entire internet at your fingertips. Notebooks certainly do not have this downfall and are beneficial for memory, making them the better option for future note-taking.