HOSA Holds a Dodgeball Tournament on Nov. 3


Credit to Shutterstock

By Olivia Van Horn

A classic game played in gym class has been turned into a charitable event to help the people of the community. On Nov 3, HOSA is holding a dodgeball tournament in the large gym at Francis Howell North. All money earned from this event will go towards ALS research. HOSA is an organization for students that are interested in going into the medical field.

“It started with the HOSA cabinet and they brought it up as a type of fundraiser we could do for a cause that some of us have relation to, ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease,” HOSA sponsor Christopher Dalton said. “So they just came up with a way to sponsor that type of fundraiser to donate money to help with ALS research.”

The dodgeball tournament will be at 6 p.m. and is $2 to watch the game or $10 dollars to play per person. 

“The HOSA cabinet set up the brackets, so right now we have it as a double elimination tournament,” Dalton said. “ We are still currently working on getting all the details sorted out and figuring out how the tournament will run exactly, but it will be fun.”

ALS or Lou Gehrig’s is a disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. ALS is a chronic disease and is fatal, it currently has no cure. There are only two FDA approved treatments for ALS. All of the earnings from the dodgeball tournament will go to ALS research. 

“Other fundraisers [HOSA] does are the blood drive and a few Heart Association drives,” Dalton said. “So, that money will go towards those programs.”