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Om Nair Decides to Only Participate in Swim for his Sophomore Year


Credit to Taylor Hill

Junior Om Nair competes in a swim competition at the Rec Plex in 2021.

By Aiden Manthey

Om Niar is diving in the water as the boys swim season begins its final weeks. The swim team has found great success this season and is currently holding a winning record of 7-2. They hope to extend that record and push forward to districts.

“Everyone is doing really well right now, and I’m proud of myself and my teammates,” Niar said. “We have a good chance to go all the way and win districts, I hope we can.”

Since beginning swimming at the age of 7, Niar has always worked hard to improve his skills in the water, routinely practicing and performing well at swim meets. This year Om decided to only participate in one high school sport this year, that being of course swimming. Niar also played soccer as a freshman, which goes on at the same time as swimming. This decision to step away from soccer this year has helped him focus on swim and has improved his overall performances.

“It was hard to have to juggle two different sports at the same time,” Niar said. “I find it easier to just do swimming, it’s less stressful and I can really focus on getting better. I can fully put one hundred percent of my effort into swim.”

Niar also has his teammates to back him up and to help him put in many good performances in the pool. Team chemistry is very strong among the boys and each and every one of them helps lift each other up to become better swimmers.

“We are all really good friends and we all support each other,” Niar said.“I’m glad I get to be on a team with all of them because it makes it more fun and enjoyable.”