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Esports is Not a Real Sport [Opinion]


By Logan Yarnell

Esports have become very popular among gamers and many young people, but despite having sports in the name, they should not be considered sports. Many people who play both sports and esports have differing opinions on the matter.

Unlike traditional sports, esports do not require physical ability. Generally, a sport is considered a sport by the requirement of physical activity and competition with another team. Esports, while not requiring any physical actions or athletic capability, can still be mentally demanding. For example, winning an esports tournament can take practice and the mental aspect of getting better is similar, but that is not enough to make it a sport.

Aside from physical ability, there is a large skill difference that really depends on the game being played. Very few games require a lot of skill, but those that do can be considered harder than multiple sports. However, the majority of esports games require less skill and are easier than traditional sports.

Although esports are not true sports, with the dedication it takes to play esports, they should be treated with just as much respect. They are still difficult, they just don’t meet the requirements to deserve the title of sport.