Pizza Without Pineapple

By Chloe Ellison

For a long time pizza and pineapple were two separate but great foods, and going forward they should definitely stay that way. The tastes of these two foods are way too contrasting to taste good together, the savory and sweet flavors of pizza and pineapple are not an appetizing combo.  Along with ruining the nostalgic taste of a good pizza it also ruins the texture. The juice of the pineapple does no good for the pizza, it makes it soggy and makes the entire slice taste sweet. Adding pineapple to a perfectly delicious pizza ruins the perfected texture of a normal pizza.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, pizza isn’t the healthiest of foods but adding pineapple to it doesn’t by any means make it healthier. There usually isn’t enough pineapple to give you that much of a boost of nutrients, and even if it did it would be practically covered in grease ruining the health benefits. If you want a healthy snack then why are you reverting to pizza in the first place. 

We can all agree that pizza is a savory food with savory toppings. Pineapple is the only sweet topping that can be found on a pizza and it doesn’t blend well. Nothing on a pizza if you were to take it on it’s own blends well with a sweet flavor, so why would it blend well when it’s together. You wouldn’t eat pineapple and cheese together would you? Going forward, let’s stick to tradition and keep sweet flavors away from pizza.

“The pineapple makes the pizza more soggy, and it just doesn’t taste good either,” junior Sophia Ely said.