Junior Jonah Sevier is a Part of the Student Ministry at Waypoint Church


Credit to Sophie Stachula

Jonah Sevier holds a sign welcoming students to The Realm on Sept. 9. Sevier is a part of the welcome team at the JuniorRealm, which is a youth group center for Waypoint church.

By Stephanie Lichtenegger

Waypoint church, located on Old Highway 94, is a place for all people to come and worship together. Waypoint has a big community of all types of ages. They have a children’s ministry, a student’s ministry, a young adult’s ministry and a regular adult ministry. But there happens to be a specific person that stands out from the rest, junior Jonah Sevier who is part of the student ministry.

“On Sundays, I get up early and I try to get to church at 8:15,” Sevier said. “Then, I check in and try to help kids get to their rooms. I do games, transitioning, and things like that. After that I head upstairs and go to the A.M. service and then at night I head to life groups.”

Sevier has been going there for about 10 years. He is very well known throughout the church for being a leader and a friend. According to churchgoers, Sevier is the kind of person where when he talks, people listen.

“He is super teachable, genuinely cares for people, he will go out of his way to serve people, super friendly. He is actually one of the most welcoming people,” Associate student minister Nathan Brown said.

Brown is also one of the life group leaders. He is someone Sevier looks up to. Life groups are where students get together with their grade level and have lesson plans, usually based on a church service for students called mid-week.

“I volunteer in the children’s area as a host and I am part of the high school welcome team.” Sevier said.

Clark joined Waypoint church when he moved from southern California to Missouri. Jonah was a helping hand and helped Clark transition by giving him a friend and someone to talk to about anything he needed and to ask questions.

“He empathizes well and he learns well and is able to teach people,” Waypoint student and junior at Francis Howell High School Anthony Clark said.

Sevier tries to work church and the gospel into his everyday life. He tries to spread the gospel mostly through his actions, for example, making sure no one is left out and everyone is treated fairly, going out of his way to make sure everything is okay.

“He is there to listen when you need it,” Clark said. “He keeps asking questions and makes it his mission to make sure you’re actually doing ok.”

Sevier is a hard working student not just for his church, but for his school as well. He is also in the Fellowship of Christain Athletes and the FHN Tennis Team. He is always trying to make a difference in someone’s life.

“I think Jonah would be a very good small group leader,” Brown said “Meeting with middle schoolers and going through disciple-ship with them.I could also see him doing bible study with his tennis team.”