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FHN’s Cross Country Team Ends Their 2021 Season


Coach Kim Martin and Sophomore Devin Alexander talk before the teams October 14th run at McNair Park. Devon would go on to finish with a time of 17:28

By Chase Pray

 Looking towards the future would be the most appropriate way of describing the 2021 cross country season. With a majority of the team being underclassmen, the focus was on the upperclassmen preparing the younger runners to guide the future of the team. With seniors like Justin Brewer, Peter Pae, and Lily Cash taking the lead, the team went on to win several team titles.

“The freshman girls won the team titles at Sioux Passage park,” coach Kim Martin said. ”We always have someone who steps up every year to help the younger kids do well and win things like at our meet at Sioux Park. Even if he was maybe nervous to at the beginning of the season Justin Brewer stepped up and took charge.”

While none of the runners made it to state this year, Martin has high hopes for the 2022 season. Sophomore Devon Alexander led the entire group placing in the top 5 overall runners at multiple meets.

“I mean it sucks that I didn’t make state this year because I was really close to qualifying,” Alexander said. “I’m going to train in the winter and do track so hopefully next season I come back better than ever.” 

The team saw incredible growth as a team in just a few short months. Whether it was out running or as a community everyone grew towards their best self in a short amount of time.

“It was a fun and new experience to help out and work with all the runners personally,” senior Justin Brewer said. “I learned some new leadership skills along the way as well.”