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FHN’s Girls Tennis Team Ends Their 2021 Season

Jayati Karre prepares to swing her racket during a match

Credit to Amoolya Pandurangi

Jayati Karre prepares to swing her racket during a match

By Alise Simon

A different but eventful season comes to an end for FHN girls Tennis. From practicing at Vetta Sports to Sophomore Jayati Karre being ranked #1 for the girls, they wrapped up the season with a 5-7 stat; winning five matches and losing seven. 

As time passes, memories are not forgotten that happened throughout the season for the girls.  Taking time and reflecting what their favorite memory will be a highlight of the 2021 season. 

“The best moment I experienced was at GAC’s and my teammates surprising me for my birthday with food and decorations,” junior Kirnpreet Dayal said.

Spending a great amount of time with a group, you can become family and that is what the girls team became, by recognizing and putting in effort for someone on their special day. 

“The best moment I experienced this year was my last match with Lauren Chance against Marquette. Although we lost, it was a super intense and well fought match” sophomore Hailey Zhang said.

There was a specific goal that the individual girls strived for throughout the season and to achieve that goal it took time and dedication of themselves. 

“My goal for this season was to make the varsity team and I did,” freshman Ella VarVera said.

Through showing up to practices and putting in the hours the girls meet their goal. 

“My goal for the season was to make varsity again and I accomplished my goal,” senior Rebecca Trampe said.