FHN’s Varsity Volleyball Ends With 3rd Place in Districts


Credit to Addison Polsgrove

The FHN Volleyball team celebrates during the game.

By Alyssa Seville

After a long season of practices, games and tournaments, the Varsity girls volleyball season has come to an end. With every season there are ups and downs and this season was no exception but with the good times and the bad came an unbreakable bond between teammates.

“This season was very rocky I would say,” Junior Cameron Chapple said. “It wasn’t perfect but no season is ever going to be. We definitely had our highs, as we beat teams that we really wanted to and fought hard against teams that we didn’t end up winning against.”

The district game was close between North and Francis Howell Central with an unfortunate end and a win for Central, ending North’s season. Their final record was 7-17-1 and they made third place in districts.

“The atmosphere of the districts was really weird,” Chapple said. “It was sad because if we lose we are done and there is no going back. It was also weird because it wasn’t after school, it was on fall break and we didn’t have a student section.”

Though the season might not have been everything they were hoping for, the girls made strong connections to last much longer than the length of one season.

“I would definitely say I have a different connection with every single girl on the team,” Chapple said. “We each bonded differently but I will forever cherish all the connections I had with everyone. They all really made an impact on my life and I will forever view them as sisters.”