JV Girls Volleyball End with a Successful 2021 Season


Credit to Kylie Taliaferro

The jv volleyball team huddles together during a game on Sept. 28.

By Jordan Slusser

The excitement, the adrenaline, the satisfaction that comes after winning another game. All of it comes to an end as the 2021 volleyball season wraps up. 

“At the beginning of the season it was a little awkward even though there weren’t any issues,” Sophomore Sara Ausbury said. “We definitely got closer as the season went on and we all worked really well together.” 

With nine sophomores on the team and three freshmen, the girls needed a way to become more of a team before the season began. 

“One of my favorite memories was definitely our team bonding. We had a sleepover this year and it was nice because you get to hang out and actually get to know your teammates,” sophomore Megan Steutermann said.  

Along with team bonding, the players also needed to prepare physically for the season, which their coach StonyRae Harris played a big part in. 

“Every day when we showed up to practice she would always have fun things to do and good drills planned for us,” Steutermann said. “And a lot of conditioning, but that definitely helped us get in shape.” 

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions on fans last year, this is the first time JV players were able to experience having a crowd. 

“I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the first game against Central,” Ausbury said. “So many people came and it was very high energy so it was a lot of fun. Plus we won which made it even better!”

Along with their win over Central, the JV team also beat North Point, and Liberty, ending their season with winning more than half their games. During this season though Ausbury and Steutermann both swung for the Varsity team and look forward to playing there next year.

“I loved this season on JV but I’m looking forward to how different it will be next year,” Steutermann said. “It’s going to be a whole team and I can’t wait to play with them.”