The Boys JV Soccer Team Ends Their Season With 12 Wins


Credit to Payton Johnston

The JV soccer team huddles together during half-time of their game on Oct. 14.

By Sydney Gronemeier

Another season has ended for the boys on the jv soccer team. The team altogether had a great season that ended with 12 wins and only 5 losses. Parker Smith and Stephen Smith both said that the team, compared to other seasons, really felt like the team work improved.

“I improved with confidence and with connection to others,” Parker said.

Like any other season, the boys really took time to be like a family this year.Together they won more and worked on what they needed as a team to make the wins happen. Although they lost some games, they didn’t let it affect the rest of their season and continued to win.They felt accomplished after hard games.

“We worked on struggles more and practiced specifics,” Stephen said.

 The boys bonded on the field and off the field no matter winning or losing.The boys shared a favorite game, which was the first game they played against Washington. A teammate they really thought did well and improved was senior and foreign exchange student Borjan Georgievski.They also bonded at the Rec-Plex one day playing basketball.

“Borjan scored the winning goal in a game and everyone crowded around him to cheer him on, it was a really great moment,” Parker said.