Varsity Girls Swim Prepares for the Upcoming Season


Credit to Anna Hollinger

a swimmer from the 2020-21 team competes in a meet

By Maggie Koester

Starting a new season is always an exciting time for each sports team. Practices start and the team begins to form a bond that can never be replicated. Freshman Sophia Arnold joined the team this year and is already looking forward to the rest of the season. 

“Everyone on the team is really close but they are also really welcoming,” Arnold said. “I got to meet a lot of new people through the team and it is really nice.”

Setting goals for the new season is something that most teams do in the beginning of the season so that the team has something they want to accomplish. The team has overall goals but each swimmer also has personal goals. Riley Puhr, a junior, has been on the team for two years. 

“I really want to make it to GAC’s this year so I can place,” Puhr said. “I also want to improve my skills.”

The girls on the team are trying hard to achieve their personal goals and their team goals. They are like a family, they are extremely close and they want to make each other proud. 

“Our big team goal is to make it to state,” Puhr said. “We want to get to state and hopefully do really well there.”