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Annual Student Council Deck the Halls Event Starts


Credit to Violet Newton

Art Club student works to prepare for Deck the Hall decorating

By Violet Newton

As a returning FHN tradition, Deck the halls is happening this month from Dec. 1 until the 20th. Deck the halls is a hallway decorating competition that many clubs in the school get involved with, the decorating starts on December first and goes until Dec. 13. Voting starts on the seventeenth, and the winner will be announced on the 20th. The winners of the competition get a prize, and of course bragging rights.

“My art club is participating, because it’s our first time being a club in many years, and we have a whole art pod we can use to decorate,” FHN art teacher Denise Maples said. 

Anyone with a group and an area to decorate is eligible to compete. This year many clubs and groups are competing to win Deck the Halls this year. All of the groups must choose a design theme. For instance the art club’s hallway decoration theme is Holiday Road based on the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. They are also incorporating funny Christmas movies like A Christmas Story, Rudolph and Elf. 

“I think it’s cool. Just a lot of people come out with their friends to do stuff. It gets a lot of people who maybe even aren’t in clubs involved. It’s something that doesn’t take too much work and it’s something to do” Senior Bree Ammons said.