Gas Cars are Superior to Electric Cars [Opinion]


Credit to Photo submitted

Gas is being pumped into a car

By Tayler Ross

Gas cars, the best type of cars, have been around for awhile now. But recently, there has been a new competitor coming into play, the electric car. 

In electric cars, you can’t feel the ‘roar’ of the engine like you can in a gas car. They are louder when driving and feel more familiar than the quieter newcomer. The electric car takes all the fun out of driving when you can’t speed up and hear the car make the loud noise it’s known for. 

Traditional cars only need to stop to refuel about once a week on average. Electric cars should charge daily or overnight because they can take up to eight hours to fully charge. This long wait time to charge your car is an unnecessary hassle when you could spend five minutes getting gas at your local gas station. Choosing the quicker option allows you to not waste your time waiting the hours it takes to charge. When driving around, gas stations are at every turn. But if your electric car were to run out where there is no charger for your car, an electric car owner might be stranded and stuck without a way to get anywhere. Nobody wants to find themselves in that unlucky situation. 

Gas cars are superior to electric cars. On average, you have to stop your normal daily activities about once a week to fill your car with gas. With an electric car, you have to charge it more often. It is recommended to charge it every 400 miles and it is best to not let your battery get below 50%. Depending on the frequency in which you drive, this may happen more than once a week which can be expensive..

Gas cars are about half the cost of electric cars and have three times the lifespan making them cheaper and longer lasting. They are superior because you feel the rumble more, you have to stop less to refuel, they last longer and they are cheaper.