FHSD Has Changed the Policy Regarding Snow Days This Year


Credit to Allison Cavato

FHN students walk in from the bus lot on a snowy day.

By Anna Scognamiglio

FHSD recently changed its policy regarding snow days in an attempt to prevent the school year from running into June. The new rule states that the first three snow days will be made up at the end of the year but the next four snow days will not have to be made up. This is due to extra instructional time already in the calendar. Although it is unlikely, if students happen to have over eight snow days, they will be added to the end of the school year. The debating factor is how this update affects students and how this will change school plans.

“If families have made arrangements for the vacations at the end of May it could put a damper on those,” interim principal Dr. Lammers said. “It can potentially make the semesters unbalanced.”

Although there seems to be some questions about this update, many students have their own opinions.

“I kind of like the new update,” sophomore Jazlyn Jennings said. “I don’t want to stay at school until June again.”