Hackmann Road Church of Christ Will Continue to Allow Students to Use Their Parking Lot


Credit to Matthew Wells

Senior Nila Milo gets out of her car to walk from the church to school. Due to the limited parking in FHN’s parking lot with ongoing construction, students were given permission to park there.

By Aadhi Sathishkumar

Hackmann Road Church of Christ and Francis Howell North plan to continue to allow students to park at the church in order to alleviate parking reductions caused by construction at FHN.

“We contacted the Church at the end of summer,” Chris Birch, assistant principal and parking supervisor said. “[Church parking] started since we had our parking lot significantly reduced due to construction.”

There are only around 20 students that park at the church. These students are mostly juniors. Despite concerns of inclement weather, Birch believes that students should be safely able to park at the church and walk to school.

“If there is inclement weather, students wouldn’t need to come to school,” Birch said. “As far as cold temperatures, we encourage students to dress appropriately, whether it’s 20 feet or 20 miles to walk somewhere.