STUCO’s Deck the Halls Will Announce this Years Winners on Dec. 20


Credit to Matthew Wells

In the student council props closet at FHN on Nov. 16, senior Bree Ammons unpacks supplies for the upcoming Deck the Halls event

By Anna Scognamiglio

In previous years STUCO has held a deck the halls event where students get to decorate the school for the holidays. Last year many students participated but Aaron Manfull’s class came out on top. Many students including senior Claire Brockmann, a previous deck the halls winner, enjoyed working with their classmates and getting to know other students.

“It’s always super fun working with everyone on staff to help decorate,” Brockmann said. “It’s so festive in there for the next few weeks and I’m always so sad when we take them down ” 

 This week, wraps up the Deck the Halls event. Decorations should be done and ready for the announcement of winners on Dec. 20. Many teachers are excited to take on a win this year and see kids collaborating and working together.

“I feel sometimes the kids don’t feel connected,” Diane Fingers said. “So it’s cool how we can get students involved in something unified.”