The New Changes to the COVID-19 Policies for Second Semester


Credit to Andrew Poertner

Students walk to class on Nov. 17, some with masks, and some without. The mask policy in the building was changed to be optional, as compared to last year where it was required.

By Logan Yarnell

 COVID-19 policies and protocols are changing at FHN. At the November 2 board meeting, the principals found out that there will be changes in North’s handling of COVID-19, but they were not told what these changes were.

 “What we were told is we know that changes are coming from the CDC especially with vaccinations going all the way down to five [years old],” associate principal Erin Steep said.

 FHSD’s board of education discussed changes in COVID protocol on Nov. 18 and will discuss future changes on Dec. 16 for the second semester. Not much is known about what will come but changes are to be expected.

 “There is some movement towards things lightening up a little bit,” FHN interim principal Dr. Lucas Lammers said. “What that’s going to look like three months from now, nobody really knows.”