Teacher Tony Roungon Traveled the World Before He Taught at FHN


Credit to Taylor Hill

FHN science teacher, Anthony Roungon, displays his passport, coins, dollars, and an old photograph of himself from when he traveled.

By Olivia Van Horn

While most people at school know Tony Roungon as the teacher they pass by in room 148 daily, what most  don’t know is that he used to have a job that had him traveling around the world.

“I worked for this company and they needed someone to work with our international customers,” Roungon said. “So I got a promotion and I was the international sales representative for this company.”  

Roungon worked as an engineer from 1990-98. The company that he worked for produced industrial heating equipment.

“I got to see some cool things, the Great Pyramid and I got to see a lot of historical evidence from the Kuwait wars,” Roungon said.

Roungon traveled to countries spanning from the Middle East to South America. One of the reasons Roungon switched to teaching was his daughter’s birth, he wanted to spend time with his family and be in his daughter’s life rather than leave every week for work often. He wanted a job that was like being an engineer, so he decided to be a physics teacher.

“You’re living out of a hotel room for a month at a time. I didn’t have a lot of time to go see things so, I did get to see some neat things but there wasn’t a lot of time. I spent most time working,” Roungon said.

If given the opportunity to travel again for his job Roungon wouldn’t take it. The plane rides internationally for Roungon were long and he didn’t get the best sleep. He does not travel a lot outside of the United States anymore but does visit a lot of places domestically. He has an RV with his wife, they mostly travel during the summer.

“Roungon is overall great. He really cares about his students and wants them to succeed. He turns a normally difficult class into a class everyone can enjoy,” Mason Apple said.