Sophia Zimmerman Pursues Art at FHN


Credit to Andrew Goffinet

On Nov. 23, Sophia Zimmerman worked on one of her art projects in Denise Maples’ class. Zimmerman was inspired by her mom to pursue art during her childhood. Her preferred styles of art are sketching and simplistic art. She aspires to be a tattoo artist in the future.

By Stephanie Lichtenegger

Francis Howell North has been a place for artists to grow since the beginning of the program. It is a supportive community of students and teachers in the art community here at FHN. There’s plenty of room for people to grow in their natural abilities. But there is a student in particular who stands out. Sophia Zimmerman is a student in Denise Maples art class. She is in an intro to art class. 

“She works hard. She keeps trying until she gets it the way that she wants it. She has got grit,” art teacher Denise Maples said. 

She has been in art her entire life. She often makes art that is different from a lot of people. She has been in art her entire life and plans on furthering her education in art after she gets out of high school. She mostly gears toward drawing and painting for her artwork. She as well continues to further her education in art after high school.

“I don’t really think I have a favorite piece because all my art is different and they all have different feelings,” Zimmerman said.   

There are paintings and drawings of people’s artwork everywhere around the art hallway where the art teachers are located. Throughout the year the artwork is changed. Some of the pieces are oil, watercolor, drawings, and paintings. People stop and admire the artwork throughout the hallway. There is also artwork, not only in the cases but painted on the way and throughout the classrooms.