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FHN Security Guard Bobby Wallace used to be a Professional Basketball Player


Credit to Pavan Kolluru

By Peter Pae

As you walk through the halls, you may have noticed a 6’10 security guard patrolling them. His name is Bobby Wallace, and he is the supervisor of the FHN security team. He has only been with the school for a few months, but has been with the district for three years. 

Before his time working for the district, he was a center basketball player, playing for 17 years. Throughout those years, he has played across the globe.

“I played 17 years in Europe and the Middle East,” Wallace said. “Out of the 17 years, I played 11 years in Israel, three years in France, a year in Spain, a year in Belgium, a year in the Netherlands, and two summers in Venezuela.”

Wallace has participated in 17 championships, winning six. However, basketball wasn’t always his ambition.

“It wasn’t my goal to play basketball, but I was tall,” Wallace said. “I dominated in high school and I got a full-ride scholarship, so why not.”

Although he has retired from playing, his love for basketball has never ended. He gives coaching sessions at Wentzville with his assistant coach, Justin Davis.

“I would say with Bobby he’s definitely given me an opportunity to grow as a coach,” Davis said. “What he does for the basketball community and the youth is very helpful and appreciated.”

While Wallace rode along with his career of becoming a professional basketball player, this opportunity has given him a chance to experience the cultures of different countries and fulfill his dream of traveling the world.

“One of my goals was to travel,” Wallace said. “I wanted to see the world, and playing basketball gave me that opportunity. God gave me the talent, the height, and I had to work for it, but I enjoyed it.” (Story by Peter Pae)