Varsity Hockey Falls in the “Gold Cup” vs. Howell [Photo Gallery]

By Kyle Button, Editor in Chief of Video

This year, Francis Howell High and FHN decided to cancel their biggest hockey turnout of the year, Gold Cup. Gold Cup was an annual matchup between the two rival schools. Due to huge problems in the recent years including fights and disruption of gameplay, the Gold Cup was cancelled. However, the two schools still faced off in an unofficially-dubbed “Gold Cup”. 

FHHS, a very solid team, got moved to a higher level of play this year, facing teams like SLUH, CBC and MICDS, all of which are hockey powerhouses. From the start, the Knights were struggling. In the first period, FHN struggled to keep the puck away from their goal. At one point in the game, FHHS had 22 shots on goal to FHN’s 6. This huge differential ended up costing the game for the Knights, and they lost 8-2.