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FHN Math Teacher Amy Murray Wins 2021-22 Teacher of the Year


Credit to Amber Winkler

FHN math teacher Amy Murray stands in the hallway outside of her classroom

By Macy Cronin

On Jan. 24 math teacher Amy Murray, who has taught at FHN for 21 years, was announced to be FHN’s Teacher of the Year. 

“Ms. Murray is very deserving and she’s a great teacher and students are inspired by her teaching,” foriegn language teacher Brian Santos said.

This is a process that began in late Nov. and early Dec. in which teachers and other FHN staff nominated her for the award. After that she passed several rounds of voting until she was one of five finalists. 

“Her students are big fans of her and her teaching, and she carries with herself a good reputation among the other teachers,” Santos said.

Winning came as a shock to her because she tries to just focus on her students rather than getting recognized for her work. Despite winning she still wants to keep working on getting better and more confident in her work.

“I appreciate being nominated, it makes me really happy about my job and it makes the hard days easier,” Murray said.