By Morgan Chairs

Before there was The Falcon and The Winter Soldier there was WandaVision. Premiering in January, this show was the first of many Marvel spin offs. With its iconic power couple and it’s nostalgic style, WandaVision is the best Marvel show so far that has premiered on Disney+. 

First off, unlike TFATWS, WandaVision has a unique plot and concept aside from the usual Marvel theme of action and fighting. It explores Wanda, a member of the Avengers, as we watch the she builds with Vision while learning more about her and past. The plot and style choices definitely outweighs what character growth The Falcon and The Winter Soldier had. The show keeps you on your toes and leaves you wanting more. Not to mention WandaVision has the biggest character growth yet.

While the Falcon and the Winter Soldier stuck to its ideas in the traditional sense, WandaVision stuck to its theme but in a new way. The central idea of WandaVision is story of Wanda. The first few episodes change TV styles as episodes gone we later find out that each style from a show that meant something to Wanda. Also the overall theme of the show is grief and the show does a pretty good job of showing how people deal with grief even though the example is a little extreme.

Yes the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was like any other movie in the MCU WandaVision wasn’t and that’s why it was such a great show. It shows that there doesn’t need to be constant fight scenes to be a good superhero movie or TV show. It also showed that with the new Marvel phase comes a new style of directing in writing which is exciting.

“I liked how it progressively went to the decades and from black and white to modern,” Junior Zach Stratman said. “ I also just like Wanda’s powers”