Snowcoming Makes Its Return After Cancelations Due to COVID-19


Credit to Caroline Blanke

Students dance in the FHN commons during the Snowcoming in Feb. of 2020.

By Aiden Manthey and McKenna Hudson

This year, Snowcoming will be held on Feb. 12 in the commons from seven to ten p.m. Tickets will be available in the commons hallway for $10 and guest tickets will be available for $15. The last Snowcoming was held in 2020 and has not returned to FHN since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Snowcoming makes it’s return with a winter wonderland theme. Natalie Abanathie is a senior at FHN and the President of Stuco, who puts on the Snowcoming dance. 

“Ever since I’ve been here, we’ve always had Snowcoming,” Abanathie said. “It’s always just been something that we’ve done and no other Howell’s do it and a lot of Central and Howell people come. We’ve always have had really good dances and it’s just a fun thing for our students to be able to do and get together and celebrate.”

Many students at North haven’t been able to experience Snowcoming, this will be the first time North hosts a Snowcoming in two years and the first one that this year’s freshmen and sophomores get to attend. Upperclassmen who have been to the last Snowcoming are especially excited for the return due to the absence of the event in 2021.

“I think it’s great that it’s back, events like that are something I really look forward to during the school year.” junior Sarah Moutray said. “I went to FHN’s Snowcoming freshman year and it was super fun, the interactions with all of my friends are what make the dance so enjoyable. I really missed it last year and it was something that the pandemic took away from us. I’m just very excited it gets to come back this time and I hope to see everyone there.”

For juniors like Moutray, being able to get together with peers and getting back to business as usual will be an exciting experience for the eternity of the FHN community. 

“I’ve heard from a lot of seniors that they just miss having the dances,” Abanathie said. “And for freshmen or sophomores that haven’t seen any of it, I think that’s just exciting to get back to some normalcy and being able to be together again.”