Four FHN Staff Members Leave at the Beginning of the 2022 Spring Semester


Credit to Peter Pae

Math teacher Rachel Pirrone is teaching her Geometry class. Pirrone is the new math teacher that replaced Paxton Mansell after she left.

By Peter Pae and Maya Helbig

At the start of the second semester, four FHN staff members decided to leave for their own reasons. These staff members are district technician Dillion Collier, study hall supervisor Joshua Lembeck, english teacher Jessica Thro and math teacher Paxton Mansell. Everyone has chosen to leave at different times and are going to different places.

Mansell was a math teacher for two and a half years at FHN. She taught Geometry, AP Calc and also sponsored the Math Club. Her last day was Jan. 13.

Collier was the District Technician at FHN for four years, and has been working for six years in total at different schools like Independence Elementary and Bryan Middle School. Collier’s last day was Feb. 4, he found a position to work with Mid America as a part of their service desk IT team, and decided it was time to move forward. 

“Everyone’s been really kind,” Collier said. “It’s been great. Kind of sad to leave, but I had to make the change. [Teachers] are always asking me about my kids, and try to be friendly. It makes for a welcoming culture here at FHN for sure.”

Lembeck was the In-school Alternative Placement Instructor. He worked for the school for two and a half years, and has worked for the district for three years total. His official last day here at FHN was Jan. 3. He is currently working as a service coordinator, helping people with developmental disabilities. 

“I wish I could’ve stayed,” Lembeck said.  “I had some really cool moments seeing some of the really neat artworks the students created and seeing them overcome some challenges. Students or parents would let me know how I positively impacted their life. That always had a big impact on me. I enjoyed every day coming to work, and I never had a day I didn’t like being here.”

Thro was a Communication Arts teacher, and specifically taught English I and Pre AP English I. She worked at FHN for nine years before deciding to leave this semester for her own mental health. Her last day is Feb. 11.

“I have great memories of all my great kids, I love my students. It’s been a hard decision to leave,” Thro said. “I love all the faculty and staff that I work with. I mean, I have great memories of North. There’s no bad feelings.”