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2022 Prom Will Return on April 22 After Being Gone for Two Years


Credit to Amber Winkler

The prom crowns and sash are displayed in a classroom.

By Justin Brewer and Stephanie Lichtenegger

Prom, the much anticipated event for juniors and seniors alike. This year more than ever, the anticipation is high as this is the first prom since 2019. The 2022 prom will be held on Apr. 22 at Old Hickory Golf Club from 7-10 p.m. 

“We are hopefully looking for a great time with our FHN community,” Heyer said.

Many things in the FHN community are returning to a state of “normal” and along with that comes the 2022 prom. This event, like years past, will be held for both juniors and seniors alike. There are no requirements like GPA, attendance rate or other related factors, however students can’t have any fines. Students are required to pay for a ticket, and as of now the ticket price is set at $60, which is pending confirmation of other details. The tickets will be on sale for one week only and guest forms will be available the week before tickets go on sale. 

Juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to vote on a prom theme and after a close race, the final theme choice was “Hollywood.” According to FACS teacher and junior class sponsor, Marissa Heyer, participation in the voting was popular this year.

“We actually had our largest number of students votes in my history of remembering which is awesome,” Heyer said.

Music is something that a lot of people can relate to. The prom playlist is usually decided by the student body and then confirmed by the admin that put on Prom. Students send in music ideas/requests via a google form. They list the song and the artist. 

“I’m really hoping that since it is for juniors and seniors that they will be less strict on the playlist”, junior Amber-Chelsea Kibera said. “I think that people really enjoy the music, but it is limited since it is an FHN sponsored event.”

The 2022 prom can be added to the list of returning school-sponsored events as this prom will be unlike last year. Due to COVID-19 concerns, FHN could not sponsor a dance and so the 2021 prom was parent-sponsored. This year it will return to being sponsored by the school.

“We can not wait for our juniors and seniors to join us for our 2022 prom,” Heyer said.