Steve Willott is Set to Retire at the End of the 2021-22 School Year


Credit to Justin Brewer

Willot is standing at the front of the board teaching his last class of math students at FHN

By Macy Cronin and Mikaela Fisk

Math teacher Steve Willott started teaching when he was 22 years old and will be retiring after this year. Willott always knew that teaching was his passion and is certified to teach both Math and Spanish. Although Willott could continue doing the same job for as long as he wanted, Willott decided on retiring as soon as he became eligible so that he could still do the things he enjoys. 

“It honestly made me sad because he is a teacher who is really passionate about what he does, and I was really hoping that my brother would have him one day,” senior Emma Renz said.

Willott has been given many helpful tips throughout his teaching journey. One of the most important things to remember when going into college is to take the courses you need for your future no matter who is teaching it. 

“Don’t avoid class just based on who is teaching it because there are going to be plenty of times in college that Professor X is the person that teaches whatever course and there’s no avoiding that professor,” Willott said.

Willot has made a lasting impact on his students and brings a uniqueness to his class through his math t-shirts and his teaching style.

“He’s always funny, he’s always cracking jokes,” Renz said. “It’s not all about the lecture and I like how it’s taught more like a college class in a way.”