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New Head Principal Jeffery Fletcher Hopes to Make a Positive Impact Next Year


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Principal for the 2022-23 school year Jeffrey Fletcher is shown

By McKenna Hudson

Jeffrey Fletcher will become Francis Howell North’s new head principal starting July 1. After a lengthy interview process, Fletcher was selected from a group of talented candidates. Current principal Dr. Luke Lammers noted Fletcher’s positivity and stability, which he thinks will make Fletcher a positive influence at North. 

“We examined all the candidates and he came very, very highly recommended from his current school [Fort Zumwalt North],” Lammers said. “In fact, the recommendation letter we got from the principal there was really like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was glowing. And I know the guy who wrote it, and he’s not that kind of person who glows and glows and glows about things, so that raised some eyebrows right away.”

Fletcher is currently an assistant principal at Fort Zumwalt North and has been in that position for four years. When Fletcher heard about the open position at Francis Howell North, he was excited to apply. 

“Francis Howell is a great school district and Francis Howell North is an awesome school,” Fletcher said. “I grew up in St. Charles County, so I’m pretty familiar with Francis Howell. And I wanted to take on the role of being a head principal and take on some of those challenges.”

As part of the interview process, Fletcher and his fellow candidates were asked what they would do to improve North. Fletcher was adamant on creating a positive environment at North where students, teachers and staff alike felt a part of the school community. 

“I want kids to want to come to school,” Fletcher said. “I know that the attendance rate at the moment is not great, and some of that is due to COVID. But I want to come in and I want teachers to want to come to school. I want kids to want to come to school and really enjoy what they’re doing and enjoy working with one another and feel supported. And that [students] feel that they can challenge themselves and work toward whatever they’re passionate about and we can help them as teachers and administrators reach those goals and work towards those aspirations. And so I just want to help support everyone and make North the best that it can be.”

Part of what made North appealing to Fletcher was the history of the school as well as the friendliness and enthusiasm of both the students and staff. Fletcher would like to build on that sense of community when he takes on his new position at North. 

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the community, getting to know the kids, the teachers, that’s my favorite part about education and teaching,” Fletcher said. “It’s getting to know the kids and working with the kids and getting to know the teachers and trying to help everyone find as much success in what they’re passionate about. To watch them in four years walk across the stage at graduation and then move on to bigger and better things. I’m just really excited to get to know all the people.”