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FHN Girls Swim Team Ends With a Successful 2021-22 Season


Credit to Kyle Button

Senior Rylie Miller prepares to dive into the water at the start of her race on Dec. 6.

By Maggie Koester

The 2021-2022 girls swim season has officially come to a close for this year. The girls worked hard all year to improve each and every day and it showed with their record. 

“This year our record was 9-7,” Hannah Button, a swimmer on the team said. “It was my first swim season and my coaches put a lot of trust in me this year and I made a lot of improvements.”

Each day the girls showed up to practice putting all their effort into improving their skills. Since the team works so hard everyday, they find time to enjoy each other and the environment that they were in.  

“My favorite part of the season was the meets,” Button said. “Everyone on the team hyped each other up and we were all one big community.”

Improving throughout the season is something that every athlete wants to accomplish. The girls swim team worked hard to better themselves throughout the entire season. 

“Our times dropped a lot throughout the season,” Button said. “We all improved on our times and our strokes greatly improved by the end of the season.”