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70’s Style Clothing Should Make a Comeback [Opinion]


Credit to Shutterstock

By Olivia Van Horn

The 1970s were all about fighting for equality, the end of the Vietnam war and disco. Another thing the 70s were known for was their unique fashion style, bell-bottom jeans, bright colors, mood rings, tube socks, and roller skates. With music on the move with the walkman, people became excited about some newfound freedoms of the 70s. David Bowie was a style icon of the 70s along with Cher, and Beverly Johnson who was the first African-American model to be on the cover of Vogue.

Self-expression became popular in the 1970s, with women getting more freedoms in their lives and fashion choices while men getting more vibrant and colorful clothes. Women wearing pants also became popular as the years went on as more and more women joined the manual labor and workforce because pants were easier to work in. Since self-expression was high in the clothing industry there was not just one style that became popular rather a mix of many styles. Gendered clothing and colors became less popular as more people felt comfortable defying the stereotypes society put on the fashion industry. The fashion industry wasn’t herding people into gendered boxes. The 70s had many different factors that influenced the fashion industry, self-expression being one.

The loose-fitting clothing of the past is what we miss today, although still on the market many people dress for style rather than comfort. The style in recent years has become less vibrant colors and rather stereotypical professional colors but, who ever said vibrant colors weren’t professional! Although it’s been 52 years since the 70s, there’s no reason that vibrant colors, loose-fitting clothing, and roller skates cant be popular today. So let’s bring back the comfortable, colorful items of the past.