The Last Day of School for FHSD is Now on June 2


Credit to Amber Winkler

Students sit in class in room 105 on March 4.

The Francis Howell School district was originally set to get out of school for summer break on May 27. Due to an abundance of snow days, the new last day of school is June 2 for the majority of students at North. While seniors were supposed to get out a week before everyone else on May 20, they will now get out on June 1, only one day before everyone else. 

“It’s really crunched us a little bit for our seniors,” assistant principal Christopher Birch said. “Last day of school I believe for them now is June 1 and we have graduation June 4, so a quick turn around for grades, getting final class ranks and all that. It’s definitely impacted us.”

Since the snow days caused the district to lose many days in the 3rd quarter. The final day for the quarter has been moved to April 4 to allow students to have the full amount of time needed.

For grades 9-11, finals will take place on May 31, which is a full day and June 1-2, which are half days. For seniors, finals will be May 30 through June 1. June 3-8 remains on the FHSD academic calendar as possible snow make-up days. June 8 is the absolute last possible day of school.

“I think it’s just kind of a reality of every school year,” Birch said. “We don’t really know what the weather is going to be like and how many snow days we are going to have. Some years  there’s only a few and some years there’s a lot. There’s just make make adjustments and move forward.”