FHN Athletes Compare Club and High School Sports


Credit to Etaf Abdallah

Juniors Sami WIlson and AnnaRose Eldred stand together on a soccer field at Lou Fusz Soccer Comples. (Photo by Etaf Abdallah)

The differences between club and high school soccer may not be apparent at first glance, but both have something different to offer for players of different skill levels and competitiveness. As the girls high school soccer season has begun and players step onto the field, Sophomore Sailor Sulin shares her opinions on her high school soccer experience.

“The soccer here is definitely a break from club for me,” Sulin said. “It’s relaxing in that way, and It is fun to be on a team with girls from different clubs that I would usually play against during club season.”

For most players, club soccer is much more serious and competitive than high school. Teams are tightly matched in skill level and passion for the sport. Junior Sami Wilson plays for Sporting STL Girls Academy which is a very high level team that provides players with the best training and opportunity to be seen by coaches and college scouts.

“The competition is very competitive in club,” Wilson said. “We play some of the best teams in the state and we travel a lot to play in high level tournaments. Things like game film and college showcases help me with chances to play at higher levels.”