FHN Offers a New Club at FHN that Aims to Create a Safe Community for Black Students

The Black Student Union (BSU) is a new club here at Francis Howell North. The BSU officially started in early January by seniors Arie’yauna Fullenwider, Nila Milo and Aair Reese. Meetings are held on Wednesdays either during school in Knight Time or after school. The club was created in hopes of creating a community and a safe space for the black students of FHN.

 “I felt like people needed a space where they felt comfortable and able to express themselves and their stories,” Fullenwider said. “I want the people in the group to feel heard and to feel important. I want them to feel like they matter.”

Even though the club has only been meeting for a short time they have done a handful of projects especially last month during Black History Month. 

“Well usually we either talk about what we’re going to decorate because we recently Black History Month, or we will just try to get to know each other because now that’s what the club is really about,” Reese said.

While the BSU has only done projects for Black History Month the club plans on doing much more in the future. 

“So, once you’re 17 you can vote in the state of Missouri,” Milo said. “We wanted to set up a station for students to register to vote somewhere here at school so they can voice their vote.”

For those who want to join they can find anyone already in the club and they can put you in the group chat. For those who are questioning joining, members say to just try one meeting.

“I would tell them just come try it out,” Milo said. “See if you can find someone to connect with because there’s someone for everyone. There’s all these different people into different things.”