FHN Track Team To Practice At FHC For The Foreseeable Future


Credit to Photo Submitted

The FHN track and field team stretches and does drills. The track team is split up into several team. These teams are: long distance, sprints, jumps, pole vault and throwers. All teams except the long distance team have to practice at Francis Howell Centrall due to the lack of a track at FHN.

Due to all of the construction of the new North, the track and field was destroyed to make room for the new school. With nowhere to practice the track team needed to find an alternative. Luckily, Francis Howell Central is allowing North runners to practice alongside them for the foreseeable future.

 “These definitely are some really interesting circumstances to say the least,” Head FHN track coach Kim Martin said. “Every day of the season our runners are going to have to drive over to FHC after school for practice.”

 Even though the two teams may be practicing on the same field, they still are competitors trying to represent their team at the end of the day. But even as competition, it doesn’t hurt to work together and learn from each other at times. Coach Martin and FHC Coach Bob Breuer will be working hand in hand to ensure the most success for both teams.

 “At the end of the day we’re sister schools and we should be helping each other out,” said Breuer. “When we heard about North’s track team needing someplace to practice we were open and willing to help out.”

 To ensure FHN long distance runners safety, their practice will remain the same as previous years. In past years, long distance runners have run around the neighborhoods near North so they get a feel for other environments instead of just running around the track.

 “It’s really a safety thing,” Martin said. “We don’t want these athletes running around in unfamiliar neighborhoods where they could possibly get lost.”

  Both coaches are hoping this change can build a better sense of community between both schools as athletes can see how other schools train and prepare. Everyone will be learning alongside each other as this is a first time occurrence for even the coaches.

 “The team mentality will be affected a bit being with the Central kids, but we’ll know what to expect from their team and how we can better our team,” sophomore Sean Hartley said.

 This new change isn’t supposed to separate the two teams but rather help bring them closer. If the two teams end up working together and growing from each other, then both teams will improve, making the Francis Howell district look even stronger.

 “You’re destined to run into someone from the opposite school at some point,” Breuer said. “Our athletes shouldn’t be viewing each other as someone they should stay away from at all costs since then what’s really the point of Coach Martin and I working together to help improve all of us as a whole.”

 While not a permanent change, for the foreseeable future these new circumstances open up a wide variety of opportunities. They allow for overall growth and improvement as a team for North before construction is finished and the Knights runners can return home for practice.

 “I’m really excited to say the least to see how this season pans out,” Breuer said. “I can’t wait to see how we work together to better improve our program as a whole. This is a great learning opportunity for not only our athletes but for us coaches as well to possibly learn a new thing or two.”