Missouri Attorney General Sues FHSD for Mask Mandate


Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed lawsuits against 45 school districts over mask mandates, Francis Howell being one of them. While some other schools backed down, the FHSD Board of Education fought back, saying that the school board members are, in fact, elected officials and can implement mandates if that’s what they believe to be best for their students.

“I’ve read the court case and it does talk about elected officials,” Dr. Lucas Lammers, Principal, said, “And our school board, they are elected officials.”

Since the mandates were established at North, there was an increase in attendance and grades, according to Lammers. Students miss school due to quarantines, putting them behind and resulting in worse grades. With masks required, COVID-19 has less of a chance to spread and prevents students from missing school as often. Masks are now optional, but the district is ready to reimplement them should the need arise.

“The valid science is on the side of masking,” Lammers said.

A few months ago, a court in Missouri ruled that unelected officials can’t require masks, quarantines, or anything of the sort. Schmitt interpreted the law to include school districts and proceeded to sue. The mandate has since been lifted within the Francis Howell district, due to the slow in COVID-19 cases, but the case is still active.