Senior Josiah Couch Looks to be a Leader to Other on the Tennis Team


Credit to Macy Cronin

Senior Josiah Couch poses with his blue tennis racket in his hand.

After being introduced to tennis by his parents, senior Josiah Couch only played periodically with his family. Once he got to FHN, he decided to join the team. During his time, he has had great success, won many awards and made it to GACs. Despite that success, tennis coach Samantha Soltysiak believes the highlight of his high school career is something else entirely. 

 “I think some highlights would just be that he has really adapted well to some of the adversity kind of thrown at him at the last minute, especially with COVID, being thrown in positions that he has never played, moving up in rank and things like that unexpectedly,” Soltysiak said. 

Couch hopes to continue this growth and success into his senior season and finish stronger than previous years. He hopes to make it all the way to state this year. But also hopes to serve as a guide to the underclassmen this season. 

“I try to help those below me, try to help them get better. For those above me, I try to learn from them and work with them to improve both of us. I think that with the team this year, as a senior, I’ll be even more of a leader.”