Varsity Boys Golf Team Sees Massive Increase In Numbers


Credit to Taylor Hill

Senior Joey Key cleans his golf clubs in between holes at the Warrenton Invitational on April 14, 2021

With a new season starting, many new athletes and many new opportunities come. The FHN varsity golf team has seen a big jump in numbers this season with a total of 27 athletes showing up to practice. This was one of the biggest turnouts head coach Mark Wright has seen in his 10 years of coaching golf.

“It was a really difficult decision to determine who to cut since we had so many talented kids come out,” Wright said.

 Since there’s a larger amount of athletes compared to last season certain players might not get as much play time as they usually would. While this might turn off some people, senior Pavan Kolluru doesn’t believe this will have any effect on the athletes enjoyment playing.

 “I mean if there’s more people it would make sense that we’d all get a little less playtime but I don’t think that it’ll make that big of a difference,” Kolluru said. “The enjoyment also comes from the team and the upperclassmen have already made friends with the underclassmen and we keep getting closer everyday.”