Seventh Grade Barnwell Middle School Student Quinn Marable Takes French III


Credit to Faith Smith

Senior Maria Aguirre sits with 8th grader Quinn Marable in Jenny Liberson’s 2nd hour French III class during the 2021-22 school year.

Some may have seen Quinn Marable walking to her French III class in the halls, but what people may not know is that she actually attends Barnwell Middle School most of the day. 

Marable gets to school via her parents driving her to and from Francis Howell North. Marable, a seventh-grader, does not have a pack time at Barnwell Middle, which allows her to come to Howell North for second hour, her French III class. Taking French III has not affected her education at Barnwell.

“Some of the challenges of coming to North at first were not knowing who people were but now as the year has gone on it’s become fine,” Marable said.

Marable is the first middle school student Jennifer Liberson, the French teacher at North, has taught in her five years of teaching. Liberson was surprised to have a middle school student in her class but Marable has put effort and hard work into her class which has shown that she is as capable as any other student in French III. Students were also first surprised when Marable joined the class but soon after she was just another student, making jokes in the class.

“I think it’s really awesome to have her in my class and she’s really good at French,” Liberson explained, “She also does very well in the social part of the class.”

She has a sister, Rory Marable, who is a freshman at North taking French V. Marable lived in France for three years; she went to an international school while she lived there. The Marables’ lived in Valbonne, France. The school taught in French one day and English another day, so rather than the school teaching the language they taught lessons in French.

“I got to learn both languages, French and English, and there were kids from around the world at the school so it was many different cultures in one place,” Marable said, “I would love to move back to France if I am given the opportunity to.”

Only 13% of students in the United States take French in school. FHSD middle schools only offer a French I class, which is why Marable has to come to North for her French Class. Marable is planning on continuing her French studies through high school, she will be taking French V her freshman year.

“Students are super welcoming towards her, and she’s pretty mature for her age so she fits in well,” Liberson said. “She also has an incredible work ethic, always does her best, and works hard. French III is a rigorous course but she does well in the class.”