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Knightly Show #38 | DIYs, Podcasts, and More

In this episode of the Knightly Show, anchors Jackson Cutlan and Jenna Brouk show you videos on how to make paper dinosaurs, a story on creative writing class’s nonfiction project, a story on Donna Malkmus reflecting on her time at FHN before retirement, a book review, a sneak peak at the new episode on bullying of the Take A Breath podcast, students guessing animal trivia in honor of national zoo lover’s day, and senior Kalib Burris’s thoughts on this year’s track season.



Jackson Cutlan

Jenna Brouk



Rhea Patel



Rhea Patel


Paper Dinosaur DIY:

Allison Bass


Creative Writing Class Story:

Jenna Brouk 


Reflection on Donna Malkmus’s Time at FHN:

Claire Laurentius


Book Review:

Hunter Van Dyne


Take A Breath-Bullying Podcast:

Sam Reimer


Man on the Street- Animal Trivia:

Jackson Cutlan


Kalib Burris on This Year’s Track Season:

Devon Alexander



Aaron Manfull


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FHN Video Staff