Bertrand and Cook Elected to FHSD Board of Education


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Adam Bertrand (Left) and Randy Cook Jr. (Right) win two seats on the FHSD Board of Education

Of the six candidates reaching for a position on the Francis Howell School District Board of Education, Adam Bertrand and Randy Cook Jr. took the most votes. They will take the spots of Mike Hoehn, the former vice president, and Michelle Walker, the former treasurer. Their positions will be announced on April 19 at the Board Reorganization Meeting.

“We also have the unique opportunity to select the new superintendent and a new chief operating officer,” Cook said. “Yep, this will be a busy year.”

Bertrand had the highest percentage, coming in at 26.1% of the votes with Cook close behind with 25.8%. Working together they took 51.9% of the total votes from the election. To hear their thoughts about the state of the district and their original plans for their time on the board, listen to their interviews with FHNtoday.

The four candidates that ran but were not elected include Mike Hoehn, Christine Hyman, Justin McCoy and Rick Rice. Hyman was in third place during the election, closely followed by McCoy, with Hoehn and Rice coming in last.

“[Now that I’m on the board I plan to] take it one step at a time and ask questions and start learning about the inner workings of the district a bit more and make improvements that I think are necessary,” Cook said.

The Board Reorganization Meeting, where Bertrand and Cook will be sworn in, will be taking place in the Administration building at 6:30 p.m. on April 19. While the event is open to the public, the Board will not be taking comments until the next regular meeting on April 21. To find out more about the board meetings, visit the district’s Board of Education calendar.