FHN Masque Players Perform The Plot Like Gravy Thickens From March 31 to April 2


    Credit to Brianna Dunham

    Sophomore Kylie Talliaferro sits center during opening night of The Plot Like Gravy Thickens

    On April 2, FHN Masque Players made their final showing of The Plot Like Gravy Thickens. The Plot follows one of the writers alter egos, Walter, through telling the story of how the Wothington family came together to celebrate Edward, the writers second alter egos, birthday and ending in his tragic murder. Edward had set up a scheme to make everyone spill their biggest secrets which ended up in back stabbing, love, betrayals and lifelong friendships. At the end of the party/investigation, Allegra Blackwell-Worthington was arrested for murdering Edward. 

    During her second performance, sophomore Kylie Taliaferro lost her footing during one of the scenes and ended up dislocating her shoulder. Thankfully Trinity Boschert was ready to fill in for Taliaferro for the rest of the performance. The following night Taliaferro was back in her role of Edith, this time with a sling. 

    “It was kind of like ‘oh they’re going to be making fun of me for being in a sling’ but it was actually very fun,” Taliaferro said. “The play still went well and I did better in terms of acting that night than I did in the other nights.”

    For many of the cast and crew, this was their last performance here at FHN. It ended in many laughs, many tears, and a wonderful prank night.